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Bike to Work Week wrapup

Bike To Work Week 2015 was a year of both big change and little change. On the big change side: Cycle Cowichan hosted a new event on May 27th with Bike Expo, a potpourri of all things cycling in the Valley. Presenters included bike shops, long-distance touring and mountain biking clubs, health advocacy organizations and recycling by bike. Bike Expo complemented the usual morning Celebration Stations throughout the week which were attended by almost 50 riders most mornings. The second consecutive rain–free year may also have been a big “C” change!

Little change? Admittedly, rider numbers were unchanged with nearly the same stats as 2014. The one encouraging statistic was in the new rider category which reached 63, a big increase from prior seasons. And the prize list stayed the same with the usual impressive $2500 plus prizes to be won. Thank you, Partners!

Team winners:

Mini:  Somenos Medical Clinic

Small:  Alex Aitken Elementary

Medium:  Pacific Truss/Homes

Large:  Frances Kelsey Secondary

Most community event organizers are their own greatest critics and recognize that there’s always room for improvement. And this is true for Bike To Work Week 2015. In the big picture over the past 8 years, BTWW has grown steadily amongst participants and earned community recognition through a strong Partnership network, the foundation that has been there since year one.
Ride on!!

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