Cycle Cowichan Drop-in

Drop-in Cycling Conversation

On Saturday April 16th drop by Coffee on the Moon, 501 Canada Ave, to talk cycling. From 3:30 to ~5:00 PM the Cycle Cowichan executive will be there to listen to your thoughts, and have a discussion on where you want to see cycling heading in the Cowichan Valley. We are looking for ideas on the whole range of cycling advocacy, from bike paths to parking to education, and everything in between. In particular we want to find out your priorities for working with local governments on infrastructure improvements, such as through the Active Transportation Plan. Or just come by to say hello.

With a lovely, warm spring upon us we figure it’s time to revitalize cycling in the Valley and we welcome your ideas on what to do and how to do it. Please drop by Coffee on the Moon and have a chat with Don, Alan & Rick.

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